About US

LCG Fruits & Juices SL is strategically connected by 4 locations. We are spread throughout the most prevalent areas of fruit production in Spain. Each location focuses on a different of our production process. All of our factories are equipped with the most advanced technology. At LCG Fruits & Juices SL, we are devoted to our environment, our product and our customers. We strive to uphold the integrity of the agricultural industry by preserving resources and operating in a sustainable manner. LCG Fruits & Juices SL produces natural fruit juice in accordance with the highest and most current quality standards.



Our factory in Pedro Muñoz is located in middle of Castilla La Mancha, the heart of one of the largest vineyard stations in the world. Our location allows us to control one of our main raw materials – grape. We are also close enough to Valencia in order to be in close proximity to our other main raw materials – orange and clementine. Located on a plot of land larger than 30.000 m2, LCG Fruits & Juices SL is one of the most modern factories in all of Spain. We process more than 45,000 MT of concentrated juice and we have more than 14.000.000 litres of raw material storage.



Palma del Río is one of the largest areas of orange groves in Spain giving us close proximity to our raw material. Our bottling and packaging plant there is the second largest plant in all of Europe. We have a capacity of more than 380.000.000 litres of bottling per year. The plant is able to supply more than 2% of the EU market and its size allows for any project to completed at the highest quality. The plant is able to create any MDD. We have 2 brands that can be used for any product: FRUYOLÉ and DEFRUIT.



Our location in La Puebla de Almoradiel is a winery that has more than 30.000.000 litres capacity. Our facilities there allow us to create a variety
of wines – table wines and varietals. The vineyard is located in the world’s first wine region. Our history, coupled with our modern facilities, allows us to create and develop a robust variety of wines.
The facilities are complete with:
2 high capacity lines with production up to 2,000,000 kilos 30,000,000 litres of tank storage
Laboratory complete with the latest technology Pasteurization line
Filtration line



Our plant in El Viso del Alcor is our citrus extraction factory. It is located in the best location in Spain to grow citrus and summer fruits. Our facilities are situated on a plot of land more than 100.000 m2. We have one of the most modern and versatile facilities in the fruit juice sector both for citrus and purees.

The facilities are complete with 1 citrus extraction line, 6 extractors, 1 pasteurizer – 15.000 litres/hour, 1 aseptic line to take advantage of pulp, 1 essential oil recovery line, 1 aseptic warehouse – 3.000.000 litres, 1 puree production line – 30.000/hour and 2.000 MT freezing chamber and preparation deposits.